Hello, I'm Arvin 👋

I'm a product designer based in Manila, Philippines with the goal to create delightful experiences and drive business impact


working @ Canva 🎨

finding new problems to solve 🧐

devouring loads of tea 🍵

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Kumu For You Thumbnail

Kumu For You and Homepage

  • Designed Kumu’s For You page, a homepage section that introduced personalized stream recommendations
  • The feature generated a 20% increase in new users’ average watch duration after account creation.
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FULL-TIME @ KUMU INC. (2022-2023)

Kumu Livestream Setup

  • Redesigned Kumu's livestream setup experience, which aims to increase creator activation
  • Conducted competitive research
  • Adapted designs using quantitative qualitative data
  • Created a production-level prototype for usability testing
ZAP Mall Thumbnail

ZAP Mall

  • Conducted user research through remote interviews and surveys for the development of ZAP Mall, a food discovery website of ZAP’s food merchants.
  • Designed wireframes and low-fidelity mockups for conducting usability tests.
UnionBank 1UHub Thumbnail

UnionBank 1UHub

Designed mockups for UnionBank’s Employee Lifestyle App, One UnionBanker Hub for the features of:

  • Employee rewards and recognitions
  • Employee retirement pension fund
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Meet Arvin 💭

I'm a graduate of Ateneo de Manila University with a degree in Management Information Systems and a specialization in Data Science and Analytics.

Currently, I'm working as a Product Designer for Canva with the Ecosystem Group. 🎨

Previously, I was a UI/UX Designer with Kumu, a livestreaming platform and the largest social entertainment app in the Philippines. 🇵🇭

When I'm not on Figma, you can catch me jamming to my vinyl collection or making random playlists. 🎧

Thanks for stopping by, let's get in touch!

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